Mouthwash Creative Challenge

Overview: Build the foundational elements of a brand identity and extend it to 3 touchpoints for a new brand. A direct to consumer oral hygiene brand that has developed a new mouthwash which is a healthier, more exciting but mostly a fun/lighthearted alternative to the traditional drugstore options. It incorporates antioxidants/vitamins/minerals that help to improve the overall health of your mouth. The company’s intent is to provide a better/healthier product, a more joyful brand experience and give consumers a package/delivery-device that they’d be proud to have sit on their bathroom countertop.

Problem: Solve the needs of demands for a convenient way to take mouthwash on the go, but also have it stand out in the marketplace as a nutritious supplement to include in a daily routine for oral hygiene. 

Brand Name



Target Demo

Men & women, health conscious, appreciative of design, 26-40 years old, middle to upper class.


Price Point

20% higher than traditional grocery store options



  • Logo

  • Product packaging mock up

  • Homepage mockup

Research: I started by filling in all the information given, and with a more in-depth competitor analysis, I was able to come up with ways to differentiate Swishswash from its competitors. Swishswash would not only act as a mouthwash, but would also feed your oral microbiome the nutrients and minerals it needed. The tablet form also makes hygiene care easier on the go! This product pairs natural herbs and plants to target key issues with oral hygiene and so coming up with the supplemental flavors gives people the incentive to buy and try and feel good about what they are putting into their body.

These top insights led me to focus on three main areas for the website design:


1. Develop affordable refill plans that encourage the use of a subscription based plan.

2. Include best seller highlights and user reviews/ratings for all products. 

3. Have focused products that target problem areas.


A subscription based program would allow this product to perform well because the convenience would be assurance in a quality product the user has researched, and have the dependability of a
new delivery every 2, 4, or 5 months. 


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