Rotten Tomatoes Redesign

Briefing Overview: Rotten Tomatoes is a review-aggregation website for film and television. Their review ratings ("Tomatometer") are amongst the most trusted in the industry. They recently renewed their brand identity with Pentagram, which should be incorporated as well. 


Site Objectives:

- Growing an audience

- “Extend the utilitarian purpose of the website.”

- Visitors looking up a rating

- Fulfills the needs of visitors who are looking for something new to watch


Problem: The website is too cluttered with distracting ads with no clear hierarchy. Rotten Tomatoes stands out from it’s competitors with the "tomatometer", so my plan is to bring more attention back to the ratings and charts, while also adding trailers for visitors looking for something new and not having to go to another source like youtube. 



Key takeaways from my access trial to data with Alexa include:


  • Referral is at a low of 3.9%

  • Include more short form video content higher up on the page that cycles in new recommendations to increase time length on site. 

  • Bounce rate is at 55% which is high. Improvements can be made with the user journey and link out to more content throughout the site. 

  • Make the social links more visible at the top of the page. It was interesting to note that Rottentomatoes and it’s competition all struggle with social as a way to refer traffic to their website (Rottentomatoes at 1.6%) My advice would be to create an entirely new social strategy to reach a younger audience.

Main objective was to help grow their audience, so I pushed social icons up top, included more filtering options to make streaming services more user friendly, added trailers to improve bounce rate (they would cycle through new content) and changed up some of the order to the site. I also included shared links to each movie rating, since people message friends and family to see if there’s interest in going to a select show. This direct share link would improve audience growth with the share to lead to ticket sales.


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