Harvest Source

I participated in the Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge to build out an improved user experience and drive revenue for Harvest Source, a pet supply company. Harvest source promotes wellness through natural products, championing healthy pets with premium products. 

Day I Challenge: Efficient Navigation


Problem: User research shows that when visitors come to the site, they prefer to filter by pet rather than product. 


Solution: I highlighted a filter setting in the navigation drop down menu once a pet type was selected. These options would make it easier for the user to find the right product more efficiently. 

Day 2 - Marketing Real Estate

Day 3 - Top Products

Day 4 - User Support

Day 5 - Simplified Purchase Flow

Day 6 - Subscribe and save

Day 7 - Mobile Experience


Problem: Support a Black Friday marketing campaign with the carousels, display top products on the landing page, include a more intuitive user support system, create a more simplified purchase flow, provide options for purchasing, and design a mobile experience. 


Solution: By keeping the brand in mind, I was able to curate the right colors, photographs, products and approach to designing the website with the user's experience in mind. I included a pop up for buyers to save, but also kept the interface clean and simple in order to keep the check out process quick and promote more revenue.The prototype above and video below walk you through these steps and options to navigate. 

Thank you!


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